Dank Memes

What are Dank memes?

The word “dank” usually used to explain the meme in which the comedy or burlesque is exceptionally exaggerated and senseless to the level of happening comically sarcastic. The “Dank Memes” usually include deliberately enumerated apparent artifacts, like an example, excessively weak image nature, pretense bleeding, or remarkably drenched and vibrated appearances or patterns that designates about the picture which has gotten reduced and decompressed greatly.

dank memes

 Although these artifacts are made artificially in the “dank memes,” often bestows about the image which is circulating through many practical hands and then reposted with many times modification. The most popular term used for Dank Meme is Spicy Meme and used as a comparative form for the phrase. 

When the “Dank meme” is in the format of a video, it usually contains audio artifacts, like very loud and extremely high audio, which is also known as ear rape. Dank Memes have links with AESTHETICS and poop themes on youtube. As a matter of fact, “Dank” usually used as an umbrella term for ideas like these and some other variation. However, it should also be in the notes that AESTHETICS themes often utilize the said artifacts for generating the social and pleasant visual and audio, instead of crude humor of poops themes on youtube and some other “Dank memes.” All these kinds of Dank memes have the same trademarks of digital artifacts and excessiveness for covering the irony and comedy.

dank memes

The Dictionary meanings for Dank are “disagreeable moist, musty, and most generally cold.” In the meanwhile, it also explains the meme that is “an element from someone individual form a culture or system of behavior that considered to elapse by someone individual to another by non-relating means, especially imitation.” 

Why are dank memes used?

The “Dank meme” is just really a fresh, radical, and clear expression with exaggerated expressions that usually used to ridicule viral online media and in-jokes that have lost their comedic value at the point of getting trite or cliche. The word “Dank” in this setting is used initially as a term for top quality marijuana, satirically accepted as analogs for “cool.” There is another meaning to word Dank that uses some meme over and over; it gets annoying, and the highest category of the meme is “Dank.” which has lost its value but still also refers to very unique and odd memes. With combustion or smoking, the memes get consumed.

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Example of Dank Meme:

“Fact: A dank meme grows a normie meme as soon as it goes highlighted on twitter notes. “

“@ben_matheiws happy birthday, my brother, you advance slab and guitar center much pleasanter, continue being a dank meme of person and spread on my dawg.”

dank memes

Where does Dank Meme come?

The “dank meme” phrase firstly used in 2013 on board of messages within 4chan and Reddit, which were in dedication to make parodies of already existing memes and to mock the culture of memes but the exact origin of the expression is not known. Many have theorized that it was firstly used by 4cahn on board in 2007 on Reddit or college parody group on Youtube. 

As stated by “Know Your Meme,” one remarkable early fact of a phrase prompt the so-called Gnome Child( it is an online game character of Run-escape) with the title: “born just at the right time to browse a funny dank meme.” Another meme which shows a baby dressed as an officer who writes speeding tickets, with a title “you are getting a ticket, sir, that meme wasn’t dank enough.”

All these examples show, a meme that uses the phrase “dank meme” is intentionally unusual, self-referential, and fill up with in-jokes that create fun at creators of meme who often think that they are delivering a fresh take on memes. But have—of course, fallen behind the rapid changes in an instance and taste. When calling something, a dank meme means a comprehensive critique of the dazing rise and fall of a meme that is viral. In unique words, “This content was amusing and cool till the time it got so viral and popular.”

The term “Dank meme” in 2014-15 maintains prominence on the Facebook groups and Bernie Sanders with the addition of Dank Meme stash, which churned out a meme to support the democratic Applicant Bernie Sanders. In the 2016 elections of the US election for president (the social media user often referred to collect dank memes as a meme stash). In 2016, a journalist from Australia wagon explained dank meme on the television, much in the delight of many social media users.

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In the book of Rayan Miller in 2016, observed “The World War Meme,” the content was hoisted by the own petard: “The jibe (insult) [dank meme] copied the same to same so as the target is applied. ‘The Meme which is dead is a well-worn meme by itself.’ And later that year of 2016, the YouTuber named ‘Scumrider” uploaded a video clip from the news channel in Australia, and some show “Insiders” meanwhile that show a journalist enumerate the “Know your meme” definition form the phrase dank meme. And after two days, the video clip obtained Sixty Million views with one thousand comments. 

The word “Dank” in the phrase dank meme is the clever use of the term dank, which is slang.

Stated by lexicographer name as Jonathan, campus black and the drug-slang started to reprocess dank- which in original means “unlikable humid and wet” – some-what “excellent” or “rate-first,” exceptionally refers to high-grade marijuana, in the 1980s. spongebob Dank meme stash, as we observed, besides, suggest to marijuana sense of Dank.

The remarkable conversion of a dank in a dank slogan meme, though it achieves many examples. Because of the Slang, there shifts modification in words; for instance, evil, sick, and wicked to very positive meanings. But Dank meme again changes the dank, now it describes the social content completely as un-dank: “it is a passe or cliched,” “rather it is out of touch,” “having missed the cultural Zeitgeist.”

dank memes

Again, as the use of dank wears the off thanks of humor, the dank slogan meme continues to grow, it is appropriated by the cute memes online, and also smart with an account of their obscurity. A constant push after the dank expression meme, should it be used in a negative or positive point of view, is the social content is gone viral in the mainstream.

Who uses Dank Meme?

The Dank meme is a widespread diagnosis that has been continuously handling in social media and on some other online platforms for taking about the memes and the culture of a meme. In the online world, no one uses the dank meme with its interior (original) humor. With the growing limit of the dank meme, the memes are used more actively, in a “cool sense” of Dank. It sometimes used as a comparison for something special and unique and extraordinary nature.

dank memes

In 2013 on the 26th of May, some Youtuber uploaded a clip with a title of “How two make dank memes!” and in the video, he illustrated how to create an image on the site Quick-meme. Later that year, some other Youtuber uploaded a clip restating the expression “dank meme” as a replacement for the word “awesome.”

In the next year, Redditor gives in an image, which was pointing to a “gnome child” on a computer desk seated and the title stating “born just in time to browse dank meme.”In the same year, some Youtuber posted a clip which wads a montage parody with a title of “9gager can’t handle dank meme,” which hit about Fifty Thousand views and One fifty comments in only first two months of the uploading. And on December 2014, Redditor posted a report with the title “What are dank meme?” to a subreddit. 

There are a variety of meanings to the phrase dank meme :

  1. Mostly the Dank meme refers to the meme, which is very difficult to interpret without any context or well versed in the culture of a meme. This type of meme can be any-type from the unclear reference to some meme which was existed very long time past, to a bizarre meme that is hard to wrap your head across.
  2. Sometimes it means only charming and some high quality and funny memes. This phrase mostly used when third-definition is presumed to get accurate.
  3. Dank Meme can use as a meme that has lost its value in the online world and is no more comedic. And to remove the confusion, these memes are usually called as a Dead Meme. The word Dank expresses that the context which is slowly carrying out with time.
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