Reddit dank memes

Reddit Dank Meme

The phrase Reddit Dank meme contains the word dank, which means Marijuana. The underlying meaning of the Dank meme is a pot smells more vigorous, which is needed if you are involved in that stuff. What that means for your question, whether the Reddit dank meme is a “good high quality” dank meme. However, it assumed that you had seen this type on the meme in circle-jerk, or Montage-parodies was that indeed used sarcastically, like Marijuana and weed consumption h seen as a good and healthy thing there.

reddit dank memes

The Reddit dank meme 2020 usually has the artifacts in audio when they used in the form video clip. The example of this is that when loud, high-quality sound, which is also known by another name, “Ear rape” used to annoy the person. And also like a poor picture quality or pretense bleeding, or something that designates the image but reduced, these all are the example of a Reddit dank meme.

When was the first meme uploaded on Reddit?

The Reddit dank meme origin is not sure how it got first used on Reddit. Still, there are some sayings that in May 2013, the phrase “Dank meme” used on Reddit, which utilizes the already present memes and makes them annoying with intentions and also mocking the culture of a meme. But the exact and for-most origin of the “dank meme” on Reddit is not known. In many theories, the first use of work dank meme was on Reddit in the year 2007, but there is a clash between Reddit and YouTube group from college students.

reddit dank memes

In the years from 2014 and 2015, the phrase dank meme maintained its prominence in the online world, and mostly it was used on Reddit, but in the same year, the political parties took advantage of its growing use in their party favor. In 2016 elections for the presidential seat in the United States democratic applicant churned out a large variety of social media “Reddit dank memes” to support him in the polls.

reddit dank memes

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Who uses Reddit dank meme?

The dank memes are handling social media continuously, and on Reddit, it is a widespread diagnosis to take the meme culture. On Reddit, no one uses the dank meme with the primary purpose of humor, but the actual active use of dank meme on Reddit is, in the refreshing sense of Dank. In 2014 on October 14th, Redditor uploaded a picture on Reddit, which was mainly pointing towards the “gnome child,” and the child was wearing a policeman suit with a funny caption to it. And in the same year, a person posted a report on Reddit with the captions “What are dank memes?” to a high-quality discussion and post sub reddit.

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